Location: Rojiște commune, Dolj county

Project start: spring 2022

Planted area: 5.6 ha

Objective: to establish an improvement perimeter for the rehabilitation of desertified land.

Species: acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia), willow (Elaeagnus angustifolia) and honey locust (Honey locust).

Estimated maturity: autumn 2028 (estimated)

Current project status: ongoing

Partners: AirWick Romania, CORA, Electronic Waste Management, GOPET, ISAF, Kambi, Profi, Schneider Electric, Societe Generale Global Solution Center, TeraPlast.

Rojiște commune is located in the south of Dolj county, an area strongly affected by desertification.

The plot of land provided by Rojiște City Hall was declared degraded land following a pedological study conducted by OSPA Dolj, which shows that this land is poorly productive for agricultural crops and recommends improvement through afforestation.

For the stabilization of the sandy soil, as well as for its rehabilitation by humus enrichment, but also for the improvement of the arid microclimate, the planting of forest vegetation represents the best solution to stop the advancement of the desertification phenomenon.

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