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Plant hope vitually

We inspire people to plant, care for and celebrate trees!

In the month of the forest, we invite you to get involved in maintaining the balance of nature by planting forest trees! Choose the package of saplings suitable for the geographical area in which you are located, and we send your trees directly to your door, ready to plant with your loved ones!

For each package of seedlings ordered, you take part in our joint efforts to make Romania a greener place!

Choose the package and receive the digital planting guide from which you can learn step by step how to plant and care for the 7 trees!

Why 100 lei?

Your donation of 100 lei covers the cost of the 7 saplings, their packaging, their transport to you and the Planting Guide, which you will receive by email, from which you will learn step by step how to plant a tree and grow it big .

Where do you plant?

The land you plant you choose responsibly yourself. Our advice is to plant on your own land or one for which you have permission, for example in your own yard, in that of your grandparents in the country or in front of the block, and where the trees will have a purpose: to protect a land, to fix the earth, to stop the wind and the snow.

What are you planting?

We propose you to choose the right package of trees for the area where you want to plant them. You have at your disposal four packages with 7 forest saplings each suitable for the plain, hill or mountain area, and a mini package with ornamental shrub species, especially for those who do not have much space at their disposal.

When do you plant?

The seedlings will reach you in March when the weather is suitable for planting. You will plant them in a safe place, chosen by you, but with the Adoptă un Copac community, where we invite you to post pictures and videos of your saplings, messages of goodwill and thoughts sent by all participants .

How do you plant?

You will learn everything you need to know about planting and caring for trees in the Planting Guide, which you will receive by email shortly after making the donation. We have prepared an informative material to help you correctly go through all the necessary steps for your trees to grow tall.

Choose your tree pack then let’s discuss more in the online community on Facebook.

Here we share the planting experience, tips for caring for newly planted seedlings and personal experiences of everyone involved

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