Delivery and Return Policy


Donations available on our site are virtual products, therefore no physical or downloadable products are delivered. After the first payment you will receive the confirmation by email both from the ViitorPlus – Asociația pentru dezvoltare durabilă (for placing the order) and from Netopia MobilPay (for processing the payment).

What a donation means:

Funds from donations cover the costs of carrying out the Adoptă un copac! afforestation project of the ViitorPlus association.

All donated amounts are used for planting, growing and caring for a tree for at least 5 years, until it reaches, together with the other trees, the maturity stage, as well as to cover operational expenses (expenses for work space, transport, field visits, etc.), administrative expenses.

Certificates of adoption

With each donation, we would like to thank the donors by providing them with a tree adoption certificate, which certifies that our association will plant trees on behalf of the donors or other persons indicated by them. People who want to receive it can inform us about this at [email protected].

Donation administration

Recurring donations can be viewed and managed from the My Account – Donations section. This area can be used to view the status and monthly date of the donation renewal, for manual renewal or cancellation of the donation, and the status of the auto-renewal feature can be changed. For easy access, this section is visible on any page in the footer of the site.

Return or refund

As these are virtual products, no return policy applies. If you want to reimburse a donation, please send us a written request to [email protected].

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