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In order to welcome all the people interested in the topic of forests and forest curtains, their protection, as well as our afforestation project, „Adoptă un copac!”, we created this platform, which presents both information on the stage of actions undertaken within the project. , as well as articles of general interest, which have various topics related to forestry.

We constantly strive to inform you adequately, completely and correctly about the services offered/mediated and we encourage any notification, complaint, feedback or suggestion in order to improve our services and to collaborate as efficiently as possible under the desideratum of environmental protection.

For an optimal navigation on the Platform, please read carefully and in full the Terms and Conditions below.

  1. Description of the VIITORPLUS association and of the site

1.1. The site „Adoptă un copac!” (Hereinafter referred to as “the site/platform”) is the property of VIITORPLUS – asociația pentru dezvoltare durabilă (hereinafter referred to as “VIITORPLUS”), based in Str. Round no. 24, attic room 2, Bucharest, Sector 2 Fiscal Code: 18654032, registered with no. 10134/14.10.2016 to the District 2 Court.

Contact: [email protected]

1.2. Visitors are those people who access the platform to view the information contained or to make donations to the platform at any time, regardless of how they access it (example, unlimited – direct access, references from web pages or external sources of any the nature).

1.3. The platform is a free tool, which presents both educational information on forests and forest curtains, their protection and increasing their number, but also presents a series of ways of direct and indirect involvement in activities or actions of planting forest seedlings (for to concrete actions of planting trees until fundraising by donating the birthday).

When querying the platform, registered users/users have the option to choose from the default search criteria and/or will have the opportunity to perform queries using the keywords corresponding to the question they want to consult.

1.4. No user may invoke ignorance of the Terms and Conditions of this document or the fact of expressly not specifying a limitation/prohibition/instruction insofar as they overlap with limitations/prohibitions/legal obligations, implicitly arising from all the Terms and Conditions published on the site or may reasonably appreciate that users could anticipate them in the context of regular access to any site.

  1. The content of the platform. VIITORPLUS’s responsibility regarding the content of the platform, in case of technical problems or unauthorized interventions of any kind.

2.1. VIITORPLUS defines by “content” all information displayed on the site in the form of text, data, software, audio or video files, still or moving images or combinations thereof, references to such materials or external pages (including the location module) , published and/or maintained on the site on the initiative and/or under the control/supervision of VIITORPLUS or through unauthorized intervention.

2.2. VIITORPLUS reserves the right to display images for presentation on the sections related to the site, without the obligation to correspond with the services or products covered by these images.

Users are instructed that before adopting a decision on the activities related to the purpose for which the Platform/application is made available to them, to consult other location services for registered addresses and to request from VIITORPLUS, through the communication channels displayed on the site, or to other registered users, through the identification data provided by them, any relevant information.

2.3. VIITORPLUS reserves the right to modify/complete/delete in whole or in part/suspend or interrupt for a determined or indefinite period the general access to the Platform/application, without having an obligation to notify users before or after and without them he could claim direct or indirect compensation for such acts. Any modifications or completions of the Terms and Conditions of this document are opposable to the users from the moment of the first access after their publication.

2.4. VIITORPLUS makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the site’s content and to prevent any unauthorized interventions. However, VIITORPLUS assumes no responsibility for inaccurate information published on the site, whether it relates to information published on the site on the initiative and/or under the control/supervision of VIITORPLUS or through unauthorized intervention or for the consequences of any nature arising from the inaccurate content of the site.

2.4.1. If users wish to send to VIITORPLUS notifications/complaints/requests any violation of the rules regarding the activity of the site, and the communication cannot be ensured for reasons not related to VIITORPLUS or due to the inaccuracy of one of the contact data published on the site. , users are instructed to use the other means of communication published on the site. The lack of perseverance of users in this regard (if they could find with reasonable diligence the contact details of VIITORPLUS for communication) can not be assimilated to the fault or negligence of VIITORPLUS in relation to its legal obligations.

2.4.2. At the time of sending a request such as those referred to in the previous paragraph, users will indicate a way in which they can be notified of the receipt of the request within 48 hours of receipt and any measures taken.

2.5. VIITORPLUS does not assume responsibility for damages of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to users through unauthorized interventions of any kind. In the event of a security breach of this type, VIITORPLUS will take all reasonable steps to prevent/limit unauthorized intervention.

Users who notice an unauthorized intervention, inaccuracy of information, or any content not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the site, are instructed to immediately notify VIITORPLUS, at one of the contact addresses published on the site/available in the platform/application.

2.6. Accessing the information presented in any of the sections of the Platform/application does not create contractual obligations for VIITORPLUS and the content of the platform cannot be opposed to VIITORPLUS to justify conditions contrary or incompatible with the terms of the contracts concluded with it, acquiring additional rights to those in contracts. by the user of the site who is a party to the contracts and the assumption of additional obligations by VIITORPLUS towards them.

2.7. VIITORPLUS does not assume the obligation to provide the services presented on the site or related to them exclusively by its own means, being able to call on external collaborators in this respect. The specific conditions of the provision of the main or related products and services may be subject to special regulations published on the site and/or established by contracts.

2.8. By accessing the site in any way, users assume the responsibility to fully and exactly comply with the conditions of access and general use of the site or special conditions related to other services, published in the Platform/application, in the form dated accessing. In case of violation of this obligation, VIITORPLUS reserves the right to use cumulatively or separately all technical measures specified in this document and all legal remedies available to it (civil, administrative, criminal and other) to prevent for the future/limit the violation of his legitimate rights and interests, to recover the material or moral damages caused directly or indirectly towards it.

2.9. VIITORPLUS’s rights and users’ liability under Article 2.8 of this document extend to all rights and legitimate interests of employees/associates/collaborators/customers/suppliers of products and services to VIITORPLUS/data subjects whose data are processed by VIITORPLUS, harmed in any way. way by accessing or improper use of the platform and/or additional services regulated by special conditions or by unauthorized interventions of any kind on the site.

2.10. Users may not take over, transmit, transfer, broadcast, publish, reproduce, create a secondary work from, sell, license, rent, lease or otherwise transfer any part of the site, to any third party ( including, but not limited to, other persons in its company or organization), whether for a commercial or non-commercial purpose, without the prior written consent of VIITORPLUS. The content sent by the visitors of the site in order to be published falls under the same restrictions of the property rights.

2.10.1. As an exception, the activities mentioned above are allowed only within the spread/promotion in the public or private space of this platform and/or the services provided/facilitated/mediated by VIITORPLUS through this platform, through social networks and any types of web pages/platforms/applications, admitted under the conditions of this document.

2.11. VIITORPLUS does not assume responsibility for any damages, losses and/or expenses that arise from the use of the site, due to improper operation, breakdowns, delayed transmission of information, virus of access stations, improper operation of the line or system , for possible display errors appearing on the platform/application, including in terms of the location displayed for the various collection points, as well as for graphic elements displayed on the site that prove to be erroneous or cannot be viewed, as it does not assume responsibility in regarding the good functioning of the external content sources to which references are made in the materials presented on the platform/application (not being in any way involved in their management), or for other similar reasons.

  1. How to use the site

3.1. Any user can consult the VIITORPLUS Platform/application without the need to create a user account. In this case, the user understands and accepts that:

– the user will not be able to participate in the “donation” type module, available on the Platform.

3.2. Any user can create an account/user profile on the VIITORPLUS Platform by accessing the Donate section, available in the upper right part of the Home Page, by filling in the registration form correctly and completely, with all the required data.

The user account will be created after confirming the identity through the registered e-mail address. The account access password will be chosen by the user at the time of completing the registration form/will be generated automatically and sent by e-mail, and can be changed by the user after confirmation by e-mail.

3.3. At the same time, any user, regardless of whether or not he has an account, will be able to address any type of communication to VIITORPLUS, by sending an email to the email address indicated in the Contact section of this Platform. No response will be given to offensive messages, with inappropriate language, or that do not concern the VIITORPLUS association in any way.

In case of information regarding the contractual negotiations or the contracts concluded with VIITORPLUS, please send any communications through the specially agreed channels in this regard.


  1. Intellectual property rights

4.1. The entire content of the site is the exclusive property of VIITORPLUS and the copyrights on the published texts belong entirely to it. In particular, any user who makes a certain type of communication to/through/on the platform/application, in any way, gives his irrevocable consent, unlimited on a territorial basis, for the use, copying, public display of these communications or the creation of communications derived from them, by VIITORPLUS.

4.2. Communications of any information or data in the form of message, text, image, audio and/or video file or any other type of material, regardless of how they are published or transmitted (public or individual), by any natural or legal person, other than VIITORPLUS, regardless of the date they were approved or not prior to the publication of VIITORPLUS, depending on the circumstances, is made at the sole responsibility of the person who makes accessible in any way on the Platform/application communications, both to VIITORPLUS and to third parties, VIITORPLUS not being in any way responsible for the content or the way of publishing these communications.

4.2.1. Users are directly and fully responsible for any content transmitted/distributed/made accessible in any way in other web spaces, of any nature, including in terms of the terms and conditions of use of those spaces.

4.3. Use or imitation of trademarks registered by any visitor to the site, without the prior authorization of the trademark owner, even if the actual origin of the products is indicated or if mentions such as “alike”, “same as”, “imitation” and the like are added, it is strictly and expressly forbidden.

4.4. Visitors to this site are strictly and expressly prohibited from using both the site and the products made available through it, for the purpose of uploading, downloading, publishing or transmitting any information whose content is illegal, contrary to morals or public order. (for example: it is defamatory, offensive, abusive, vulgar, affects the right to privacy of others, encourages violence or racial hatred, ethnicity or is intimidating).

4.5. Users of this site are strictly and expressly prohibited from making any association between this site/VIITORPLUS services/trademarks used by VIITORPLUS and pages that have illegal content, contrary to morals and public order (as exemplified in the previous article) , which promotes pages with such content or web domains of any kind that could directly or indirectly harm the image of VIITORPLUS or create confusion about the service provider VIITORPLUS or about the brands used by it.

4.6. VIITORPLUS reserves the right to modify or add new rules and restrictions regarding the content of the site, at any time, being applicable to users from the first access after their introduction.

4.7. The site may contain links to other sites owned or operated by parties other than VIITORPLUS. Such links are provided for use only if users wish to do so. VIITORPLUS does not control and is not responsible for the content and conditions of personal data processing, confidentiality or security and functionality related to these sites.

  1. Non-compliant access to the site. Restricting access.

5.1. Any access that does not respect in full and exactly the conditions published in this page will be considered non-compliant access and VIITORPLUS does not assume any responsibility for the consequences that may occur.

5.2. In case of non-compliant access, VIITORPLUS reserves the right to block, without prior or subsequent notice, the access of a certain user for a determined/indefinite period.

5.3. At the same time, VIITORPLUS reserves the right to block, without prior or subsequent notice, the access of a certain user for a determined/indefinite period in case a behavior is detected that cannot be justified by the normal and reasonable access to the site, even if it does not constitute an express condition of use in accordance with this document, or if the access method hinders/affects in any way and in any measure the optimal functioning of the site, the physical means/software programs through which it is managed/secured/in which are stored the data collected through the site or the optimal operation of any equipment/systems/programs/servers involved in any way in the operation of the site.

5.4. In all cases, any unauthorized intervention on the site in general, or its content elements in particular, will constitute a non-compliant access.

5.5. The access and use of the site by the visitors, the access to the indicated external sources and the download of any content elements are made at the own responsibility of the users.


  1. Advertising, promotions, campaigns

VIITORPLUS can carry out campaigns and/or promotions at any time in any section of the platform/application. The campaigns and promotions carried out by VIITORPLUS do not require the consent of the site visitors.

  1. Final provisions

7.1. This document is completed by the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, available on the site.

7.2. VIITORPLUS recommends that all visitors read the entire content of these terms and conditions carefully, then ask any questions regarding their understanding, using the data in the “contact” section. A response will be provided within a maximum of 30 working days in the manner of reasonable communication indicated by the user, and in the absence, by e-mail.

7.3. Any misunderstandings between VIITORPLUS and visitors will be resolved amicably and if this is not possible, the parties will address the competent courts.


Version published in June 2020


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