Currently, we lack 20,000 hectares of forest curtains, over 16,000 to protect the fields and 3,500 to protect 1,720 km of roads.
Contribute to the decrease of these figures!

What do we want to do with your help?

We set out to plant as many meters, or hopefully kilometers, of new protective forest belts in the south of the country.

Adopt one or more meters of forest belt, and we will plant them for you!

One meter from a forest protection belt measures at least 7 trees in width, and the length is determined by the objective it protects – a road, a school or an entire locality. Therefore, we suggest you donate 70 lei, the amount with which we plant and care for the seven trees in a meter of forest belt.

You can follow step by step the process by which we plant trees to create new forest protection belts or rehabilitate degraded land in the south of the country by following our website or our Facebook page.

Adopt a living shield!

70,00 lei

We set out to plant with your help as many meters, or maybe kilometers of trees.

Our work consists in choosing the lands that urgently need afforestation, following through with the legal process, then planting the trees and taking care of them until maturity.

If you choose to donate, we will welcome you to our community, where you will be able to see step by step our process for growing new healthy forests.

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Why forest belts?


Forest belts are strips of forest, located around an objective (road, locality, agricultural land), which protects it from various factors that threaten it (strong winds, blizzards and snow, droughts and extreme temperatures). The benefits of forest belts include better air quality, a more balanced rainfall and temperature regime, higher soil fertility and more attractive landscapes. The economic benefits consist of increased agricultural production, reduced costs for snow removal of roads and localities, reduced or avoided damage caused by floods.