Collaboration options

Volunteering for afforestation events

Helps position your company in a favorable way in front of employees, in association with a set of values ​​focused on protecting the environment, and at the same time supports the objectives of team building and employee loyalty.

Co-branded product promotion campaigns

Represent a very simple way of partnership, which involves minimal resources from the company, but sends a message about brand values ​​(responsibility, investment in local communities, care for the environment).

Organizing sporting events

Employees are encouraged to do sports, but also promote the company’s brand in association with the cause of afforestation, in a public event.

Sponsorship through goods and services
Tree Adoption Certificates as greeting cards

Your company can give your partners or employees a unique gift in the form of a personalized Tree Adoption Certificate, this would include your logo and a special message for the ocassion.

Recycling for planting

Waste valorization for the benefit of the afforestation project, through a system of selective collection and valorization of recyclable waste (paper, cardboard, PET and aluminum).

Salary donations

Employees can direct a certain amount of salary per month to the afforestations carried out by the “Adopt a tree!” Project, and the company can also contribute extra, with a certain percentage or even doubling the amount raised by employees. Thus, the company shows that it cares about the important causes for its employees and offers them a simple way to support them.


For more details, please contact us at: adoptauncopac[@] or at alexandru.halaliuc[@] (project manager).

Collaboration benefits

Teambuilding and networking

  • Supports teambuilding and employee loyalty goals!
  • Helps position the company in a favorable way, in front of employees, in association with a set of values ​​focused on protecting the environment.
  • They can carry out joint activities with existing partners or connect with other companies, partners of the “Adoptă un copac!” project.

Corporate social responsibility

Along with the internal steps to reduce the negative footprint of the economic activity carried out, on the environment, a company can report the achievement of several performance indicators from the corporate social responsibility strategy (ESG KPIs). Environmental indicators cover materials used, energy and water consumed, biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, spills and waste, the impact due to transport, investments for environmental protection.

Sponsorship and taxation

The Law on Sponsorship and the Fiscal Code allow corporate taxpayers to offer sponsorships to NGOs and to benefit from tax facilities, under certain conditions provided by law. The sponsorship expense offered is not a tax deductible expense, but may be a tax credit, i.e. it may reduce the profit tax payable by the full amount of the sponsorship offered.

Thus, the tax facility granted through the tax credit mechanism practically allows the sponsor to actually pay that amount to a non-profit organization and not in the account of the profit tax.

To receive more details about sponsorship, please contact us at: [email protected] (project manager).

Starting with 2019, the legal entities paying profit tax and those paying income tax for micro-enterprises that carry out sponsorships benefit from tax deductions as follows:

  1. Profit tax payers

In the case of profit tax payers who perform sponsorship according to the provisions of Law no. 32/1994, with the subsequent amendments and completions, the Sponsorship Law of 2019, the expenses incurred being non-deductible, but the related amounts are deducted from the profit tax due, at the level of the minimum value between the following:

  • the value calculated by applying 0.75% to the turnover (Law no. 156/2019, since 29.07.2019);
  • the value representing 20% ​​of the due profit tax.
  1. Payers of micro-enterprise income tax

Starting with April 1, 2019, the micro-enterprises that carry out sponsorships, according to the provisions of Law no. 32/1994 for the support of non-profit entities and cult units, decrease the related amounts from the income tax of micro-enterprises to the value level representing 20% ​​of the income tax of micro-enterprises due for the quarter in which they registered the respective expenses.


Examples of Tree Adoption Certificates

Strategic partner:

Afforestation partners:

Logistic partners: