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Why Adoptă un Copac?

What we do differently:

We intervene in under-forested plain areas, where protective forest belts are needed to prevent soil erosion and desertification.

After planting, we carry out maintenance work at least three times a year and we take care and supervise the saplings until they become autonomous, for a period between 3 and 25 years.

The seedlings we plant turn into protective forest belts and additional forests, which otherwise would have not existed.

We plant saplings from native species that, when mature, help to protect the roads and nearby towns, and increase the productivity of neighboring agricultural land.

saplings planted
distinct communities
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Why get involved?

Personal satisfaction:

  • Offset your carbon emissions and help increase the forested area of southern Romania.
  • Using with your own hands, plant a tree that generates oxygen and stabilizes the ground on which it grows.
  • Surprise someone special in your life with a unique gift: a tree adoption certificate.
  • Turn the tree adoption certificate into a gift for an important event: wedding, baptism, or anniversary.

Benefits for your company:

  • You can offer your employees a teambuilding exercise with a clear purpose, planting trees on a field, boosting energy levels through outdoor activities.
  • You are a company that understands the importance of getting involved in social and environmental projects.
  • You surprise your business partners with a unique gift, in the form of tree adoption certificates.

How can you contribute?


  • Donate! Your donation supports the planting of new trees.
  • Redirect 3.5% of last year’s income tax.
  • Tell your friends and acquaintances about us.
  • Register as a volunteer and help us organize future planting or education sessions.


    • Sponsor us! This money helps us plant even more trees from now on.
    • Redirect 20% of your income tax.
    • Tell your business partners about us.
    • Register your team for a planting event.
    • Get involved in our social and educational projects.
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