Virtual Planting

“Adoptă un copac!” virtual planting event

It is said that every man must plant a tree to complete his purpose in the world. We also know that when you do good, he returns to you. Whatever the reason you want to plant, we are with you and we do everything to make it easier for you.

Join us!

What we propose

The concept is simple, you choose the package of 7 seedlings suitable for the geographical area in which you will plant them and the space that can host them, and we send you the seedlings to be planted in your own planting event, together with your loved ones, in full safety.

What you have to do

  1. Choose below the package of seedlings that suits you, between February 1st  and March 15th.
  2. The seedlings packed with care by us will reach you between February 20th and March 30th, in about a week from the date you made the donation.
  3. Plant the 7 seedlings when you can, taking into account the indications in the Planting Guide, which you will receive from us by e-mail.
  4. At the end, you take pictures together with the new trees you planted and share them with us and all the other planting colleagues, during the virtual event on Facebook.
From a distance, but united by the same goal, let’s all plant as many trees as possible, which will restore the balance of nature and ours, both!

Where to plant?

Our advice is to plant on your own land or one for which you have permission, for example in your own yard, in that of the grandparents in the country or in front of the block, and where the trees will have a purpose: to lower temperatures, to regenerate the soil, to stop wind gusts or blizzards.

*The responsibility for choosing the land for planting the seedlings belongs exclusively to the donors.

What to plant?

We suggest you choose the right tree package for the area where you live.

You can choose from four packages, each containing 7 seedlings suitable for plain, hill or mountain areas, and a mini package, with decorative shrub species, especially for those who do not have much space available.

When to plant?

Anytime between February 20th and March 30th, in a safe place, chosen by you, but with us on Facebook, where we meet online with messages of good cheer, photos and thoughts sent by all participants, in a online event.

How to plant?

You will find out everything you need to know about planting trees in the Planting Guide, which you will receive by e-mail, after making the donation.

Choose your seedling package by March 15th, then let’s discuss more on the online event page on Facebook.

Here we can share online your planting experience, tips for caring for freshly planted seedlings and personal experiences of all involved.

Why 100 lei?

The 100 RON donation covers the cost of the seven seedlings, their packaging, their transport to you and the Planting Guide, which you will receive by email, from which you will learn step by step how to plant a tree and take care of it.