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Adoptă un Copac is the afforestation program of the Viitor Plus association and protects southern Romania against climate change, planting additional forests with the local community.


The afforestation programme aims to contribute to the help efforts of the Copacul cu Fapte Bune association for refugees in Ukraine.Thus, we provide our online donation platform for the Adopt a Tree community and all those who want to provide humanitarian support in these difficult times.

ALL amounts of money donated by the Adoptă un Copac community, through the donation box “Support Ukraine” from our website, will be redirected to Copacul cu Fapte Bune. In addition, for each such donation, as a sign of gratitude, we will plant from our own funds a sapling in the Volunteer Forest for Ukraine.

What do you say, we’re sneezing 5,000 donors to plant another acre of forest?

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