Location: Lumina commune, Constanța county

Project start: spring 2022

Planted area: 5.5 ha

Objective: to establish an improvement perimeter for the rehabilitation of a degraded land.

Species: elm (Ulmus minor), mojdrean (Fraxinus ornus), ash (Fraxinus), dogwood (Ligustrum vulgare) and willow (Elaeagnus angustifolia).

Mature stage of the forest: autumn 2028 (estimated)

Project status: ongoing

Partners: Nuclearelectrica

Motivation for the location:

Lumina commune is located in Constanța county, a county with a very low degree of afforestation, only 5% of the surface is represented by forests. Besides the problem of deficiency of forest areas, Constanța county is affected by soil desertification and combated by planting forest seedlings and their long-term care to rehabilitate the infertile soil.

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Lumina 2022
Lumina 2023
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