Location: Gherghița commune, Prahova county

Project start: autumn 2022

Planted area: 1.38 ha

Objective: establishment of an amelioration perimeter for the rehabilitation of a degraded land.

Planted species: poplar (Populus), ash (Fraxinus), dogwood (Ligustrum vulgare) and willow (Elaeagnus angustifolia).

Massive Status: Fall 2027 (estimated)

Current project status: Ongoing

Partners: Brico Depot, Cognyte, DLOG, Engie, ING Bank, Pastel, Qualitest, Philips, Premier Energy and Societe Generale Global Business Centre.

Motivation for the location of the amelioration perimeter:

This land in Gherghița commune, Prahova county, was declared degraded, in the category of non-productive use. The forest we plant has the role of stabilizing the lands in the vicinity of the Prahova River and ensuring microclimate conditions favorable to the local community and the regeneration of the land.


Last work done: November 2022 – planting with volunteers

Photo gallery

Gherghița 2022
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