Location: Crucea commune, Constanța county

Project start: autumn 2022

Planted area: 8 ha

Objective: establishing the forest curtain

Planted species: elm, linden, ash, dogwood, willow, jugaster and rose hip

Massive Status: Fall 2028 (estimated)

Current project status: Ongoing

Partners: Westchester, ING Tech, Dr Reddys, Oscar, ADP, Cora, Softnet and individuals who donate to our site.

Motivation for planting the forest canopy:

In the Crucea commune, we are making a forest curtain around a plot of land where wheat grows. Trees will protect agricultural land inside and outside the perimeter, and over time agricultural production will increase by 30-40%. The forest canopy will reduce the intensity and speed of the wind, which means it decreases soil erosion or drying. In addition, the natural role of the forest is to attract precipitation, which is increasingly rare in Dobrogea in recent years. The area lacks forests. Constanța county also has only 5.4% forested area.


Last work done: January 2023 – planting with people in the community

Photo gallery

Crucea 2022
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