Location: Celaru commune, Dolj county

Coordonate GPS: 44.017654, 24.062129

Objective: the creation of a forested perimeters for the stabilization of mobile sands affected by wind erosion

Start project: autumn 2020

Total area to be planted: 40 ha

Area planted: 40 ha

Species planted: black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), mulberry (Morus alba), cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera), silver berry (Elaeagnus angustifolia)

Maturity stage: autumn 2025 (estimated for the first planting)

Current state: caring and monitoring 

Partner: OMV Petrom, under the project “Romania plants for tomorrow”

Reason for choosing this location:

Celaru commune is located in the south of Dolj county, an area strongly affected by desertification.

The plot of land provided by Celaru Town Hall has been declared degraded land since 2011, following a pedological study conducted by OSPA Dolj, which shows that this land has a very low productivity for agricultural crops and recommends rehabilitation through afforestation.

The sands that constitute the natural substrate in this area form soils unsuitable for agriculture, which, without the cover and stability provided by vegetation, become mobile under the action of the wind and can cover other fertile lands near them. In this context, for the stabilization of these sands, as well as for their rehabilitation by humus enrichment, but also for the improvement of the arid microclimate, the planting of forest vegetation represents the best solution to stop the advancement of the desertification phenomenon.

“Adoptă un Copac”, in partnership with OMV Petrom, through the project “Romania plants for tomorrow“, undertook the task of planting new forests on the desertified land provided by the Town Hall.

Photo gallery

Celaru 2022
Celaru 2021
Celaru 2020
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