Donate now!

Every contribution helps!

Only 15 RON ensures the planting and care of a tree until it reaches maturity!

Recommended donation:

  • 1 sapling = 15 RON
  • 3 sapling = 45 RON
  • 10 saplings = 150 RON
  • 100 saplings = 1500 RON


If you want to receive an adoption certificate for your donation, please send us the following information by email ([email protected]):
  1. the name of the recipient, as you wish it to appear on the certificate,
  2. the name of the person from whom the gift comes, as you want it to appear on the certificate,
  3. a short personalized message, if you wish.
After we receive the above information from you, you will receive the adoption certificate by e-mail within a maximum of 24 hours.