“Adopt a Tree!” encourages a healthy lifestyle and invites you, with the occasion of the World Environment Day, to do sports and support our mission! Come with us between 5 – 12 June to do sport for forests, either by running or cycling, to promote well-being and commitment to a clean environment!


The funds raised from the Sport for Forests campaign will be used in the ” Adopt a Tree!” program for afforestation of degraded lands, in communities affected by extreme weather, in the least forested areas of south Romania.


Whether you like to run or ride a bike, we have prepared for you the following categories of participation:


  • Running,  ranking categories: 3, 10, 21 km.
  • Cycle, ranking categories: 10, 20, 30 km.


1. Enter the SmartRaces platform or choose below the preferred way of involvement, Running or Cycling, and check one of the distances: Extreme (21km running / 30km cycling), Power (10km / 20km) or Standard (3km / 10km),


2. Select the number of participants (where there are many, the forest grows bigger) and then select ” Buy now ”


3. You will be directed to the “Checkout” page where you fill in your personal data and complete the donation,


4. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with the login data on the platform, virtual BIB: personalized contest number with name / nickname, virtual participant KIT: discounts to certain partners.


5. Upload the result obtained on SmartRaces using the “Upload results” tab, using the login data received in the previous email, then you will receive the participation diploma and the virtual medal.


* Employees and representatives of the “Adopt a Tree!” partners will receive a unique code that ensures free participation (participation costs are already paid by the company).



✔️ The forests planted under the program are additional and aim to rehabilitate degraded, unused, and unfertile land.


✔️ We work with governments and local communities to implement afforestation activities.


✔️ We make sure that the planted forests and forest shelterbelts reach their maturity stage and preserve their long-term integrity.


* The participation fee covers the expenses of organizing the campaign and the adoption of 5 tree saplings that will be planted on behalf of the participant.