Donation Campaign

What we propose

The ViitorPlus Association, through the afforestation project “Adoptă un copac!”, launches a unique planting campaign, suitable for the special circumstances in which we find ourselves. This year the pandemic made everything more difficult, including planting with volunteers, but we decided not to sit idle. We are organizing the first virtual planting in Romania, in the fall of 2020, and, at the same time, we are raising funds to plant, in the spring of 2021, a new protective forest belt in the south of Romania, a real living shield!

You can plant the trees together with your loved ones, in the place you choose, and we will send you everything you need, or you can help us to plant the newest protective forest belt in the south of Romania, by adopting a meter of forest belt.

Choose the option that suits you best!

You do the planting!

The first virtual planting event in Romania

Together, but from a safe distance, we gather on November 21st, for the first virtual planting event in Romania! The event will take place on Facebook and will unite all those who want to plant with us. Our team will plant a forest belt, and each of you will plant the trees received from us in the place you choose. From a safe distance, but united by the same goal, let’s all plant as many trees as possible, which will restore the balance of nature and ours, both!


How to participate

  • Choose your package of 7 trees by donating until November 6th.
  • The package will reach you by November 20th.
  • On November 21st, we plant together, during the virtual event „The day we plant a living shield.

The “Adoptă un copac!” team does the planting

Adopt a living shield!

  • We set out to plant in the spring of 2021 the newest forest belt that will protect, like a real living shield, a part of southern Romania against extreme weather phenomena or desertification.


  • One meter of protective forest belt measures at least 7 trees in width, and the length is determined by the objective it protects – a road, a school, or an entire village.


  • We invite you to donate 70 RON, the amount it takes to plant and care for the seven trees in a meter of forest curtain. Meter by meter, one from you, another from somebody else, we will help to protect the roads from snowstorms, villages from floods and harsh winds, crops against drought, and the land against desertification.

Why do we do this?

For Romania


The counties in southern Romania have a degree of afforestation between 4.5% and 10%, and according to the Forestry Code any county with a degree of afforestation of less than 30% is considered a forest deficient area. Also, in today’s Romania, 20,000 hectares of forest protection belts are needed: over 16,000 ha to protect the fields and 3,500 ha to protect 1,720 km of roads.

For you


We feel the need more than ever to connect with nature. We have stayed in isolation, far away from parks, forests, and mountains and we missed the balance they offered us.

We wondered how we could reconnect with nature to restore our balance. The answer for us is simple: we plant a tree. Now we give you the opportunity to do this for yourself, in two ways: you donate and we do the planting, or you donate and you do the planting.

How are we?

“Adoptă un copac!” is a ViitorPlus project, which makes history greener since 2008.

Since then and until now, we have planted with 13,100 volunteers over 590,000 trees on an area of ​​~ 75 hectares in the counties in the south of the country severely affected by the low degree of afforestation and the phenomenon of desertification.

In addition to planting on degraded land, we specialize in planting protective forest belts, which, in addition to the benefits provided by forests in general, resolve problems such as infertility and soil aridity or blockages due snowfall of roads and localities.


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